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Looking for a guy that knows how to bring in
results from your Google Ads campaigns?

You've found him. Hi! My name is Remco and I'm a Google Ads Specialist and
owner of RockCityMedia. Nice to see you here. Let's talk about your campaigns.

I don't know you, so why should I trust you?

I could throw a whole bunch of badges, certificates and screenshots on this webpage but that wouldn't help because those are easy to fake. Results, however aren't.

Why can't I just hire a local agency?

Great question. You could. But it's way more interesting to have some guy in some small country bringing in boat loads of leads, customer and sales. It'll be our little secret. Also, the biggest problem with an agency is communication. Rarely do you ever speak directly to the guy who actually manages your ads. Not with me. You can always text, email or call me. Pinky promised.

And you have this weird accent...

Guilty! Yes, I'm aware of my accent. My mother decided to birth me in this small country called The Netherlands or Holland for some of you, or Amsterdam for my U.S. friends. But don't worry... Here are some benefits for my Dutch-ness:

I use simple words and this usually works best.
You make money while you sleep
I serve clients on 3 out of the 7 continents

Beautiful and effective Google Ads campaigns are made here

Sure, just tell me how much?

I work with flat-rate fees because it's the most honest. The fees are based on your monthly ad budget.

Here's a breakdown:



Charged monthly

Want to start advertising on Google Ads? Than this is your best opThe Small package is for businesses that spend up to $300 on Google Ads.

Best Value



Charged monthly

This is the sweet spot for most of my clients. Best for businesses spending around $600 p/m on Google Ads. Growth awaits!



Charged monthly

If your businesses spends more than $1000 per month on Google Ads. Multiple campaigns incl. search, display and video.

I'm not fully convinced, yet

I get it. And I expected it. That's why I suggest to schedule a call. During this call we can meet eachother, discuss your business and your goals. Only if we both feel this is a good fit, can we move forward.

But let's start with a simple email. Simply send me an email sayin' you're interested and we'll take it from there. No pressure.

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